Great classics or original creations, inspired by around the world journeys, our Four O'clock teas are made of ingredients which come from plantations carefully chosen. Individually wrapped, each variety in our collection presents a unique work of art evoking its distinctive personality.

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Aliments préparés au Québec

Cranberry Herbal Tea

An entrancing blend of hibiscus, spices and cranberries. It is with great price that we use hibiscus flowers from a small farm in Egypt and spices from a cooperative in Sri Lanka, all traded according to the Fair Trade standards.


Hibiscus flowers º *, lemongrass herb º *, lemon peel º *, rosehips º *, cinnamon bark º *, cardamom seeds º *, cranberries º *, orange peel º *, natural flavours º *, organic star anise º *, cloves º *.

ºOrganic ingredient

*Fair Trade Certified