Great classics or original creations, inspired by around the world journeys, our Four O'clock teas are made of ingredients which come from plantations carefully chosen. Individually wrapped, each variety in our collection presents a unique work of art evoking its distinctive personality.

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Sweet Camomile

The word camomile is derived from the Greek chamos (ground) and melos (apple), referring to its low growing habit and its apple scented blooms. Its daisy-like flowers reminded the ancient Egyptians of the sun, calling it "herb of the sun". The presence of lemongrass, gives the blend a nice citrus finish.

It is with great pride that we are now using camomile from Egypt, harvested by a small Fair Trade cooperative. Fair Trade helps farmers and their families make a better living by ensuring they are paid a fair price for their crops.


Organic camomile flowers*, organic lemongrass herb.

*Fair Trade Certified