Great classics or original creations, inspired by around the world journeys, our Four O'clock teas are made of ingredients which come from plantations carefully chosen. Individually wrapped, each variety in our collection presents a unique work of art evoking its distinctive personality.

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Blue Lagoon - Energy

A shipwreck on a lost tropical island, a cathedral of coconut trees, a sensual breeze, a tropic moon, all conspire to enchant you. Blue Lagoon, now Certified Fair Trade, is a rejuvenating blend of herbs known for their stimulating and toning properties. Exotic notes of coconut and other tropical fruits make this beverage enjoyable hot and cold!

Fair Trade helps farmers and their families make a better living by ensuring that they are paid a decent price for their tea.

Maté: Used in South America for centuries as a stimulant beverage, the maté leaves contain a wealth of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and chlorophyll.

Guarana: The seed from this berry has been used by native tribes of the Amazon jungle to help reduce fatigue and therefore maintain stamina.


Organic black tea leaves*, organic green tea leaves*, organic ginger root*, organic yerba maté leaves, organic Siberian eleuthero root, natural flavours, guarana extract, Siberian eleuthero root extract.

* Fair Trade Certified

Contains 36 mg of caffeine per serving. Pregnant and lactating women should avoid drinking this tea.