Always striving to offer unique experiences, we take our inspiration from the world's rich food heritage to introduce our valued customers to our latest creations.
The Sprint-Summer Collection received the 2014 SIAL Innovation Award!

Four O'clock tea crafters have come up with six refreshing creations!

With the warmer days coming up, delight your guests with a refreshing cold pitcher of iced tea.

Pink Lemonade Herbal TeaNew

Just imagine capturing your childhood in a glass when your lips touch upon the tangy citrus of the pinkest of lemonades. Just a sip and you’ll hear the laughter of your youth ringing through the years.


Lemongrass herb, apple pieces, natural pink lemonade flavour, lemon myrtle leaves, citric acid, lemon peels, cranberries, hibiscus flowers, licorice root.

Fruit Sangria Herbal TeaNew

Bring a sensuous spanish night to your everyday with this sexy sangria mix of apples, berries and hibiscus, all you will be missing is the flamenco dancers! Olé!


Hibiscus flowers, apple pieces, licorice root, natural fruits sangria flavour, lemongrass herb.

Strawberry Daiquiri Herbal TeaNew

Crystal clear blue skies, a soft summer breeze caresses your hot skin; now make it perfect and indulge in a thirst quenching, exotic chilling Strawberry Daiquiri.


Rosehips berries, hibiscus flowers, orange peels, apple pieces, natural strawberry daiquiri flavour, strawberry leaves, licorice root, citric acid.

Cucumber Mint Green teaNew

Let yourself be delighted by the fresh crisp flavor of a cucumber in your glass, with a hint of cool mint notes. It’s magic: an adventure you won’t soon forget!


Green tea leaves, apple pieces, spearmint leaves, lemongrass herb, peppermint leaves, natural cucumber flavour, rosehips berries.

Pineapple Coconut RooibosNew

Facing another sizzling summer day with the same dilemma: beach or pool? Decisions, decisions… whichever you choose relish it with this elixir of Pineapple and Coconut rooibos tea and relax; no need to call back to thank us!


Green rooibos leaves, natural pineapple and coconut flavours.

Orange Sorbet Herbal TeaNew

A burst of orange sunshine will tickle your senses with this intense summer day antidote! Forever young and forever orange goodness, drink up!


Orange peels, lemongrass herb, natural orange sorbet flavour, licorice root, rosehips berries, turmeric root, safflowers, citric acid, hibiscus flowers, ginger root.